January 2018 : trucks simulators for the French Army

The French Army service, named "Service des Essences de l'Armée" (SEA), has chosen Sym2B for the supply of tanker trucks driving simulators.

This project is a partnership leading to innovative compact simulators on 6 degrees-of-freedom motion systems.
These simulators will help to improve the driving of the new CaRAPACE truck and of other tanker trucks of the SEA, in environments typical from their missions in France and in foreign countries (off-road, sand, convoys).

August 2017 : bus & coach simulators for Keolis

The Keolis Institute has chosen Sym2B for the renewal of its bus and coach driving simulators.

The simulators will put the drivers in hazardous situations, but without risk neither for themselves nor the other road users.
Fuel efficient driving and comfort-oriented driving will also be trained.
These simulators, easy to move,  will be made available for Keolis French networks in 2018.

December 2016 – 4K images for VAG Nuremberg bus driving simulator

Sym2B, in collaboration with Corys, has renewed the visual system of VAG Nuremberg bus driving simulator. Short throw videoprojectors have been replaced by large 4K monitors, with integrated mirror views. The ultra-high image definition allows a forward-looking driving and provides the best possible visual comfort.

January 2016 – Sym2B member of GREX

In order to accelerate its international growth, Sym2B became member of GREX, the international trade centre of the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) of Grenoble.

December 2015 - A new simulation platform

The French department Isère has decided to help Sym2B to accelerate its growth, through the "Aide au Développement Expérimental" programme. Rendez-vous in 2016 to discover innovative features added to our bus and tramway simulation platforms thanks to this project!

April 2015 – Sym2B shortlisted for the Entrepreneurship Oscars 2015

As part of the Entrepreneurship Oscars contest, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Grenoble region, Sym2B has been shortlisted in the category «Talents of the Economy», with 6 other companies among 50 candidates.  Congratulations to the winner, the Séréale company. Rendez-vous in 2016 for a new participation, hopefully with the award!

4 September 2014 – Welcome on the new Web site of the Sym2B Company

Find our offer for simulation-based training systems in the Bus & Tram Simulators and Truck Simulators sections

To know more about the Company, see the Sym2B section

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information


3 July 2014 – The growth of Sym2B will be accelerated thanks to Gate 1

The application of Sym2B for Gate 1/ SATT-GIFT support has been accepted during the Detection Comity of the 3rd July 2014.


In a couple of weeks, Sym2B will benefit from the support of Gate1 and from the SATT-GIFT (“Société d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologie” - Grenoble-Alpes Innovation Fast Track), organization emanating from the French “Programme Investissements d’Avenir”.


Sym2B will be able to accelerate the research of innovative solutions in training simulation, by combining our know-how with the know-how of universities and laboratories of the Grenoble region.



Mail : contact@sym2b.fr

Tel : +33 (0)6 86 79 84 13