Truck and Special Vehicles Simulators

Sym2B offers a full range of turnkey truck and special vehicles simulators based on our technical and pedagogical know-how in road simulation. The simulation of a bridge layer (special vehicle with 10 wheels and 5 directional axles) has demonstrated the capacity of our software tool to simulate the most complex off-road and road vehicles.

All truck specificities are simulated:

  • Carrier, carrier with trailer, tractor, semi-trailer
  • Manual, automatic, or automated transmission, up to 16 gears
  • Retarder on exhaust or on transmission
  • Differential lock
  • ESP on tractor and on trailer
  • Liquid load, hanged load
  • Risk of jack-knife
  • 6 outer mirrors, 2 pointing down


 Presented below is a truck simulation system, with a full cab and visuals on a hexapod motion system.


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