Pedagogical know-how for a thorough training

Simulation-based tools are powerful training means. Beyond the realism of the simulation of the vehicle and of its environment, Sym2B includes in its solutions a wide set of pedagogical features aimed at simplifying the trainer’s task.


Supervision with a specific 3D view

The trainer can supervise the simulation with a user-friendly interface, showing a specific 3D view. This can be a bird-eye view, a tracking view, or the point of view from another road user. At any time, it is possible to go back and redo part of the exercise. After the run, it is possible to review driver’s actions, with the same possibilities of view changes as during interactive driving. The images displayed on the trainer station can be replicated on large monitors or video-projectors for observers.

Real-time control of the simulated world

The supervision interface allows the trainer to take control of the simulated world: placing the driven vehicle in a different location, for example after a simulated collision situation; change weather conditions; control signalling at junctions; etc. One can with a simple click select a vehicle or a pedestrian and take its control to create a specific situation for the driver.

Driver monitoring and assessment

On one screen, the trainer can see at a glance the driver, his actions, and the status of the vehicle.

The other part of the screen shows performances automatically measured by the simulator, grouped in three categories: safety, fuel-efficiency, and quality of service. Serious driving mistakes are highlighted in orange or red.

Exercises preparation

In order to put all drivers in the same conditions, exercises can be prepared with a supplied scenario editor. This point-and-click software tool helps to specify the route of the bus/tram/truck, its mission, attendance at stops, surrounding traffic, weather conditions, obstacles on the roadway/tracks, etc. Traffic events involving specific road users can also be graphically prepared (for example, child crossing suddenly, or slow garbage truck in front of the simulated vehicle). Malfunctions on the vehicle or on traffic lights can also be scheduled with this editor.

Drivers’ performances management

Each driving session leads to an end-of-run report. These reports are recorded by the simulator and can be printed. They can also be exported to a spreadsheet or to a Learning Management System.


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