More than 20 years of experience in simulation for driver training

Corys T.E.S.S. started simulation for driver training in 1992, with the « SIMULY » train simulator for SNCF (French Railways), pioneering modern simulation by using real-time computer generated images.


(Photo: Ralf Gathmann, current CEO of Corys T.E.S.S., driving a train simulator)


In 1992, the participation to the Euclid  ELSTAR project lead to the development a first roads and traffic model. This core model was enriched 2 years later, thanks to the RESPECT project (French PREDIT 2 programme) including the simulator to raise awareness among young pedestrians about road safety.


Driven by the European Directive 2003/59, the year 2004 was the real start of Corys’ road driving simulation activity. to the Company invested massively in a cutting edge simulation workshop based on the latest Game industry technologies to  offer training solutions for public transport operators covering their full range of vehicles: bus, tramway, subway, and suburban train. The newprototype simulator was first introduced during 2004 Corys Users Club.


(Photo: in the foreground, Michel Destot, Député de l’Isère, former CEO and founder of  Corys ; in the background, Serge Jung, CEO and founder of Sym2B)


In 2007, Corys got an order to develop a simulator for the French Army for a bridge-layer vehicle developed by CNIM. The software workshop successfully demonstrated then its capacity to model any type of ground vehicle and to control all hardware configurations, even the most complex ones. The same year, the UITP Exhibition in Helsinki was the commercial roll-out of a new range of cost-effective bus and tramway simulators.


The public transport of the city of Nuremberg, VAG, decided in 2009 to purchase the first high-end bus simulator in Germany based on this technology.


At the beginning of 2014, to give a new impetus to urban simulation with a fully dedicated team, the decision was taken to transfer this activity to a new company and Sym2B was born.


We have always kept our customers, French and foreign public transport operators, closely involved in our R&D policy, and continue doing so in order to develop solutions answering their operational needs.


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