Exhibitions & Conferences

For more than 10 years, Corys and Sym2B take part to exhibitions and conferences about public transport and about driving simulation.

March 2016 – Laval Virtual, France


The Laval Virtual exhibition is the major French event about Virtual Reality (VR). Sym2B could especially test the recent VR helmets, in particular the HTC Vive

Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR.

Big progresses in terms of resolution and latency pave the way for using them in driving simulator.

June 2015 - UITP Exhibition– Milan, Italia

Sym2B took part to UITP Exhibition 2015 in Milano, Italy, from June 7 to 10. There is a trend for high capacity buses and for Bus Rapid Transit.

Also market share for electrical buses is growing fast.

New buses for which driver training on a simulator is well-suited. Rendez-vous in 2017 in Montreal, where Sym2B will be pleased to welcome you at its booth.

September 2013 - UITP Exhibition– Geneva, Swiss


The 2013 edition of the UITP Exhibition took place in Geneva, with the support of the Transports Publics Genevois (TPG). Many representatives of the TPG – drivers, trainers and managers – visited our booth and appreciated our simulator capacity to represent the whole range of their vehicles: buses, articulated buses, double-articulated buses, trolleybuses, and tramways.

September 2012 - VDV Academy – Kassel, Germany


This seminar was organized under the guidance of VAG Nuremberg training centre. We presented various innovations in simulation for training, among others, the capacity to integrate existing 3D models of cities into our simulated world. On the picture below, the scenery was an existing model of the Karlsruhe city, while the transportation infrastructure was created with our editor.


November 2011 - TTD Conference – Dresden, Germany

In partnership with VAG Nuremberg, we presented distinctive features of our simulators focusing on the modelling of passengers at stops and in the bus. Tramways are also available in bus simulator virtual world, with possible common sections.


October 2010 - VDV Academy – Nuremberg, Germany


The mobile simulator of VAG was tested by the attendees. They appreciated the compact configuration, fitting in a 6 m x 2.5 m trailer, weighting less than 3.5 tons. Despite this compactness, the simulator consists of a full MAN bus cab and a trainer station, with up to 3 observers.


May 2010 – Annual conference of Urban Transports – Cracow, Poland


This conference, organized by MPK Cracow, gathered most of the public transport operators from the major cities in Poland. We presented our simulators and demonstrated the compliance with various translations of the European Directive 2003/59, especially the Polish, German, Dutch, and French ones.


February 2010 - I&I Days – Brussels, Belgium


The event was dedicated to training and vocational qualification of urban transport drivers. Our booth, presenting our simulation-based training solutions, was visited by many European operators and training centres.

June 2009 - UITP Exhibition– Vienna, Austria


Our booth was presenting both a compact bus simulator and a tramway simulator. Visitors were presented with advantages of simulator training for teaching safe and sustainable driving technics. Considering the location of the exhibition, many drivers and trainers from Wiener Linien could test our simulators.


January 2009 - TTD Conference – Dresde, Germany


The Technology-based Training for Drivers Conference is focused on the use of new technologies for the training of vocational drivers. The modelling of urban traffic, encompassing all aspects (signalling, cars, two-wheeled, pedestrians), is a key subject for the training. We presented our approach, allowing a quick and easy setup of the autonomous traffic where the bus/tram driver is facing virtual agents whose intelligence is either artificial, either real, but looking the same.


October 2008 – Corys Users Club – Grenoble, France


We collaborated with the Transport de l’Agglomération Grenobloise (TAG) in order to define the training features of a bus simulator. Trainers, auditors of the PARI plan (Prevention of Accidents and of Risks), and drivers participated in collaborative work and experimentation. The results were presented at this Users Club. A round table allowed collecting opinions from other public transport operators.


July 2007 – UITP Exhibition – Helsinki, Finland


The Union Internationale des Transports Publics (UITP) organizes every 2 years the largest exhibition dedicated to public transport.  Our booth received a large number of visitors wishing to try our compact tramway simulator.


October 2006 - Mondial Automobile – Paris, France


AXA Prevention selected our Company to make the visitors aware of road safety in the city. Our bus simulator was installed at the AXA booth, with specific scenarios to place drivers in challenging situations. The capacity to take the point of view of another road user was the core of the demonstration. A very large number of representatives from RATP (Paris) visited us and could drive the simulator.


(Photo: driving, François Pierson, CEO of AXA France; in the foreground, standing: Franck Chevalley, former CEO of Corys)


May 2006 - VDV Academy – Rostock, Germany


VDV conferences regularly gathers public transport operators in Germany. Our company participated in several editions in order to present the benefits of simulation for driver training.


September 2004 - Corys Users Club– Grenoble, France


This was the first presentation of a bus simulator developed by our company. The bus represented was an Irisbus Agora S, the most used bus model in the Transports de l’Agglomération Grenobloise (TAG) fleet, driving in Grenoble downtown.  The visual system used a panoramic cylindrical screen.



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