Benefits of  training on a Sym2B simulation-based system



Traditional training

Training on a Sym2B simulation system

Driving time efficiency

Time lost in connections, traffic jams, red lights

Time fully dedicated to training situations, time saving between 30 and 50%


Depending on vehicles and staff availability, no nighttime driving

Available 24/24, training on demand, nighttime driving during office hours


Risk for the passengers, the vehicles and the outside world

No risk, especially for novice drivers

Variety of the situations

Constrained by the local configuration and the current weather conditions

Large variety, all types of roads in all traffic and weather conditions, including night time

Complexity of the situations


Selected, according to the profile of the driver

Redo and review

Complex equipment to record and review

Standard features of a simulator

Completeness of observation

On-the-fly observations, some information is missed

Recording of all parameters, real-time monitoring and after-action debriefing, end-of-run report


Subject to different perceptions by driver and trainer

Objective measurement, self-assessment is possible

Environnemental impact


No pollution

Operating cost

Fuel, wear of the vehicles

Electricity consumption of PCs

Manpower training cost

1 trainer for 1 driver, limited attention available for the rest of the group

1 trainer for up to 8 trainees, thanks to  automatic assessment available in the simulator; observer station for several trainees; possibility of self-training


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