Flexible configurations

All solutions proposed by Sym2B include its technical and pedagogical know-how and main core-software. Nonetheless, hardware configurations vary depending on:

  • The number of different vehicles simulated with the same driving stand ; to save money, driving stands supplied by the client can be integrated in the simulator
  • The level of physical fidelity wished for the driving stand
  • The wish to give driver motion cues, up to sustained accelerations; a motion system helps especially to feel vehicle reactions when braking, skidding, or shocks; it also helps the driver to assess passenger comfort
  • The number of driving stands controlled by the same trainer station
  • Installation constraints, in case the simulator has to fit into an existing building
  • The wish to have a mobile system, avoiding trainees to travel
  • The legislation ; European Directive 2003/59 national translations force to have specific configurations (contact us for further information)
  • Budget

Typical configurations are illustrated below. Sym2B also offers tailored configurations. The trainer station is not always shown on the pictures below but is always supplied. Large screens can also be supplied to replicate images from the trainer station to observers.




















Cab on motion system



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