Major achievements during the past 15 years

In the past 15 years Corys and Sym2B have delivered turn-key simulators and participated in collaborative R&D projects addressing bus and truck driver training.

2015 : Imaginove Développement


This project, supported by the Imaginove cluster which Sym2B is a member, consisted in developing a new vehicle dynamics model. Our software workshop can now simulate any type of ground wheeled vehicle, on road, off-road, and on rail.

2013: MASSAÏ (Mesure et maîtrise du Stress en Situation d’Apprentissage Informatisé)


FUI Programme, call for proposals N°12, France.


In partnership with the companies: SBT (Lyon), and QOVEO (Lyon), and the laboratories: LIG/Multicom (Grenoble) and LUTIN (Paris)


The goal of the project was to define a stress index for the trainees, especially for simulator drivers, by combining physiological measures (pupil diameter) and subjective questionnaires on a tablet PC. In addition, a Serious Game, based on breath control, has been developed by SBT in order to put trainees in an optimal state for learning, before and after they drive on the simulator.

2011: SIMTEB (SIMulator-based Training for European Bus drivers)


Lifelong Learning Programme, Europe - Leonardo da Vinci


In partnership with SFS Dortmund, TT-C, BBZ Nordhausen (Germany) Team Simrac and TTS (Finland)


 Development of simulators for a variety of training situations has made remarkable technical advances in recent years. The project SIMTEB analyses, develops and transfers existing training programs to simulators for bus drivers training, focusing on safety und sustainability.


2009: SINBUS (Simulator Nürnberg Bus Schulung)


For VAG Nürnberg, public transport operator of the city of Nuremberg, Germany


The first high-end bus simulator in Germany. It complies with the German translation for buses of the European Directive 2003/59 (type B of the VDV recommendations, Mitteilungen n°9041). This simulator, installed in a trailer, can be used either in a mobile configuration (groups of 4 drivers) or linked to a trainer/observers station installed in a classroom (groups up to 12 drivers).

2004: DEBUSSY (DEmonstrator of BUS SYmulator)


In partnership with SEMITAG, Société d’Economie Mixte des Transports de l’Agglomération de Grenoble, public transport operator of the city of Grenoble, France


This project delivers the first bus simulator using our dedicated ECOBUS software workshop. Possibility to drive an Irisbus Agora S in Grenoble downtown.

2002: RESPECT (Route Empruntée par le Piéton-Enfant Confronté au Trafic)


Programme PREDIT 2, Ministry of Research, France


In partnership with INRETS-LPC, Arcueil, France (psychology of the development for road safety), the CRPCC laboratory, Université de Bretagne, France (psychology of the development for learning), LAMIH laboratory, Valenciennes, France (Biomechanics and Artificial Intelligence) and with the contribution of the DSCR, road safety council, Paris, France


This project aims at making the young pedestrians aware of road safety. The children have to reach a given location, forcing them to face road traffic, especially when crossing the streets. They are assessed both on their route choice and on the quality of their visual search for information before crossing.


1999: ELSTAR (European Low-cost Simulators for the Training of Armed Forces)


European programme EUCLID RTP11.2, in partnership with TNO, the Netherlands, and STN Atlas, Germany


This project aims at studying new cost-effective hardware and software technologies, applicable to simulation for driver training of various ground military vehicles.


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