Simulation : Buses & Beyond

Sym2B offers cost-effective simulation-based systems, for the training of bus, trolleybus, tramway, coach, truck and special vehicles drivers.

An improved training leads to cost savings on operations, by reducing the number of accidents by 40%, by reducing fuel expenses by 10%, and by improving the quality of service.

Sym2B provides all products and services to set up a simulation-based training system:

  • Recommendations for writing the specifications
  • Design of fixed or mobile simulation systems matching any budget and complementary to an existing training environment
  • Production of simulation systems using a “standard product” approach or with full customization to client’s vehicles, lines, city, or to specific training requirements
  • Worldwide installation, training to use
  • Support, maintenance and mid-life upgrades , extending the life of the systems by 50-80%

The Sym2B Company head office is located in Grenoble, France, close to Corys Training & Engineering Support Systems, company from which Sym2B inherited the urban simulation technology. Both companies have signed a collaboration agreement and propose complementary solutions.

Each project is developed by Sym2B incrementally and relies on a close communication with its client, in order to guarantee its success.


Mail :

Tel : +33 (0)6 86 79 84 13